EPH 1023

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Washing machine belt

Washing machine drive belt  EPH 1023


This is a power transmission belt of 1023 mm length, responsible for transmitting the movement to the washing machine drum. It is installed in washing machines of the brands Ardo, Rommer, New Pol, Merloni, Beko, Bluesky, Doman, Domeos, Firstline, Far, among many other brands.


Technical details

 Length: 1023mm      Type of ribs: H             Quality: A1 
 Belt: POLY-V  Rib height: 2,5 mm  Manufacturer: Optibelt-RB
 Elasticity: EPH   Groove widht: 1,60 mm   Reference: 202.96.90


Instructions for the correct fitting


Once you have accessed inside the washing machine:
  1. Pass the belt through the pulley of the motor
  2. Thread the belt up to the side of the drum pulley
  3. Slowly turn the drum pulley



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